Outside Catering

    • Buffet

    • Kids Party Buffet

      Let us take the hassle out of your children’s party and provide a selection of tasty treats for your kids to enjoy.

      A selection of children’s sandwiches, cheese and tomato pizza slices, cocktail sausages, chicken nuggets along with ketchup and mayonnaise dips, served with either a fruit skewers or a piece of cake for dessert.

    • Simply Sandwiches

      A selection of sandwiches on fresh white and wholemeal bread with a variety of fillings.

    • Soup and a Sandwich

      A selection of sandwiches, wraps and baguettes made with fresh white and wholemeal bread with a variety of fillings served with a cup of steaming hot homemade soup. (Choice of Lentil, Potato and Leek or Carrot & Coriander). Soup kettle provided on a loan basis to keep your soup hot.

    • Platters

    • Cake Platter

      A selection of seasonal fresh cakes and sliced loaves — guaranteed to get your mouth watering!

    • Fruit Platter

      Our fresh fruit platter is a variety of tropical and locally grown fruits tastefully displayed in bite sized pieces to tempt the discerning palate.

    • Luxury Sandwich Platter

      Variety of chicken filings, ham salad, tuna mayo and savoury cheese served in a
      selection of fresh white and granary bread.

    • Salad Platter

      A selection of freshly made seasonal salad, served with pasta salad, and our very own delicious creamy coleslaw.

    • Savoury Platter

      Mini sausage rolls, chicken bites, tikka bites, mini sausages, small spring rolls and an
      assortment of savoury dips.

    • Traditional Sandwich Platter

      A variety of ham, cheese, tuna, egg mayo, savoury cheese, ham and coleslaw, cheese and pickle in both white and wholemeal bread options.

    • Wrap Platter

      Chicken tikka, chipotle chicken, coronation chicken and savoury cheese served in deliciously soft white tortilla wraps.